So that I don’t feel so self-centered, I have included this page with links to writers whose work I enjoy.  I’ll be adding more as I find them.  Importantly, all the writers here are still among the living, so if you like what you see, you should check in on them often to see if they’ve got anything new.

Dennis Cooley is a writer and poet who currently lives in Manitoba, but who is originally from Estevan, Saskatchewan.  He’s prolific, so if you get hooked on his stuff, you shouldn’t run out any time soon.  (I actually took a one-year writing course taught by Dennis, so I can vouch that he is not only cool on paper, but in person as well.)

Robert Kroetsch has a last name that is difficult to spell in the dark.  He is an iconic Canadian writer and poet whose work is often set in the Prairies.  If you enjoy “the long poem”, you’ll love Kroetsch.

Ryan Dilbert is a Caymanian-American writer who (as of this writing) lives in Houston, Texas.  If you enjoy the unexpected, then check out Shelf Life Magazine, or Shelf Life: the Blog.  Also, definitely check out his first book, “Time Crumbling Like a Wet Cracker”, which is available here.

Chandra Mayor represents Winnipeg, and does so well.  I met her through the Sheldon Oberman Emerging Writers Mentor Program (she was my mentor, and a good one at that).

More to follow!

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