Kindle E-Book now available: No Short Roads to Flin Flon

Looking for a fun read on your Kindle?  Check out my collection of short stories, newly released on Amazon.  It’s titled No Short Roads to Flin Flon: Only Short Stories for the Journey.

Here’s the description from the website:
A zookeeper forms a bond of hope with an elephant in a city devoid of people. Alec Baldwin seeks advice on a movie script in orbit. Soviet zombies infest the frigid waters beneath the polar ice cap. A failed dictator and his cronies face off with croquet mallets in exile. A young acupuncturist is confronted by his father’s dead cat.

No Short Roads to Flin Flon draws the reader through the humorous and the bizarre, the poignant and the soulful, the broken down and the uplifting. And like the long road itself, it won’t be soon forgotten.

The collection includes 23 short stories and 7 poems (about 60,000 words or 200 pages in total).

Check it out on Amazon here.