Shelf Life Magazine

The first pangs of manhood were on me.

Like earthworms rising after too much rain, all secrets eventually come to light.  I have had a poem appear in Shelf Life Magazine under a pen name, Feng Zhe (冯哲).  Of course, there’s nothing too remarkable about pseudonyms anymore… I’ve been using one all along.

If fact, as I think about it, I’ve had an affinity for anonymity for a long time.  Back in Grade 6 I handed in papers signed “Dr. Phernafus Sherpa.”  In Grade 8, it was “Bertram ‘Daddy’ Finx.”  In high school, it was variously “The Flying Dutchman,” “The Giant Mouse of Minsk,” “J.S. Eyefarm,” and “Tom Kat” (of Tom Kat’s Social Club).  And of course, there’s Jack…

If you’re up for a peek at the poem, you can find it here, along with other fine pieces of writing.  The title is “Poem: Diary of a Madman,” based on a story by the same name, written by the influential Chinese writer, Lu Xun.


Canopic Jar

The man said nothing, and Samphân started to rise to his feet.  He felt the black-toothed man’s hand on his knee, stopping him.

A new issue of Canopic Jar has been released, preserving organs of poetry, fiction, and visual art.  The “Jar” is multilingual, so if you’ve got a shorty en français that you just can’t seem to find a home for…  In fact, in addition to English and French, they will also accept stories in Sesotho, Setswana, and Farsi.

You can check out my little poly-lingual contribution here.


Knee-Jerk Magazine

And I tell you, I’ve never tasted anything quite so delicious as Yeti milk.  I dream of it to this day.

Knee-Jerk Magazine has just released a new issue.  They have included a “story” of mine, “Effects of Tourism on the Range of the Himalayan Yeti”.  The piece is written in the style of an academic journal article.  Unfortunately, my graph didn’t quite make it up with the story (ah, formatting), so I will include it below:

You can read the full article here.

Have fun!

Anemone Sidecar

He was able to get all the tracks down and mixed in just under forty-three minutes.  The studio still charged him for sixty.

Chapter 13 of the Anemone Sidecar has emerged, containing my story, “A Final Note”.  You can read the story here.


Fractured West

I am 1/64 of a man, though I used to be whole.

The reading night for the 2nd Issue of Fractured West will be occurring sometime in February in Glasgow.  You can find out more information about the reading night, and the release date of the Issue here.

Issue 2 will contain a short story by me, titled “Long Division”.



Would you, Mr. Secretary of State for the Environment, kindly explain what laws govern zoo operators engaging in street photography using squirrel monkeys as props?

After a long and bizarre year, I’ve just received word that a super-short story of mine (just 350 words) will be picked up by an outfit called Feathertale.  This is a Canadian publication which features humorous and unusual poetry and short fiction, but also cartoons and “monkey banter”.  It was worth checking out before, and it is even more worth it now that my story is up.  It is titled “An Inquiry into the Legislation Surrounding the Use of Squirrel Monkeys in Street Photography”.  You can see it here.


Fissure Magazine

Those hidden miles of tunnels end
red hot upon his anvil

Fissure Magazine has just released Issue #8 (November 2010).  The sometimes-Steampunk-themed magazine is published by Shadow Archer Press.  To snatch a line or two from the magazine’s site, Fissure Magazine is a “mechanical, sometimes diabolical world, fraught with clockwork tensions and alchemical experiments.”

My poem, “Blaxmith at the Bellows”, appears in the November issue.  You can find it online here.


Bartleby Snopes

I wondered if he might try to hit me, or smash the rest of the ferns. I imagined him destroying the wind chimes.

Bartleby Snopes publishes two new stories each week.  And this week, one of them happens to be mine.  My story is called “Seafood Delight”.  You can find it here.  While you’re at it, take a look at some of Nathaniel Tower’s work.  You’ll dig.


Jersey Devil Press

Two minutes is a long time underwater.

Yes, it’s still a long time.  The diehards among you (I flatter myself to think that there may be diehards among you…) might remember this tag line from an earlier post.  My story, Gooseflesh, has gone in for a second round of drinks at Jersey Devil Press.  (It first appeared at

JDP is a fine lit mag that’s been roasted at 325 degrees for 4 1/2 hours and served with all the trimmings.  You’ll be back for seconds.

You can find my story here.  I would recommend checking out all the stories in this issue.


The Literary Burlesque

I lay all the blame on a story I wrote in grape juice concentrate on a sheet of corrugated tin beneath the baking Arizona sun.

Up for a spectacle of the random and bizarre?  Then grab your binoculars and settle into a nosebleed seat at The Literary Burlesque.  I’ve had a story accepted by this whirling kaleidoscope, entitled “My One Sided War with the Editor, or How I Learned to Love My Weight”.  You can read it here.

Hope you enjoy!