NaNoWriMo: The Islands Beyond, Day 5

Day 5

This post and the 4 preceding it were all posted today so that I could catch up with where I’m at in the NaNoWriMo creation process. We’re finally live.  Today I had to push through some internal reluctance to write (a sensation not unlike heating up leftovers you’ve already eaten for the last few days in a row).  I broke the 10000-word mark, and may still write a bit more this evening.

It was not far to the edge of the pool. The boys were still warm from their climb up the mountain, and the spray from the waterfall felt deliciously cool on their faces. But as they neared the tiny opening in the cliff, they saw a heap of white bones and some animal skulls, perhaps caribou. Pete stopped, eyeing the bones warily.

“Ethan, is this such a good idea? I mean, we don’t know who this old man is. What if he doesn’t want to be bothered?”

“Don’t be such a fraidy cat, Pete.” The bones made him uneasy, too, but he didn’t want to let his brother see it. “Come on, let’s go.”

The entrance was so small that they had to crawl a ways on their hands and knees. After that, the ceiling of the tunnel rose so that they could stand. The only light came from the opening behind them, and a good deal of it was being blocked out by their bodies. The air was still and cold, and smelled a little like smoke.

“You go first,” said Pete. His face was tight with nervousness.


About jackfrey
Jack Frey lives somewhere in Northeast Asia with his wife and two young boys. He finds the letter K to be the most aesthetically pleasing of all the consonants, in both its upper and lowercase forms. Like many of us, he is currently seeking publication of his first novel.

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