NaNoWriMo: Zoonosis Day 4

Weekend activity got the better of me, and I didn’t write as much as I’d hoped.  I’m at 7629 words, which is still averaging 1970 words per day.  That’s ok.

Here’s today’s snippet:

“An albatross?”

“Yeah, huge seabirds,” said Hadrian. “The one that hit the boat was dead, but the other one, the woman fished it out of the water with a life saving hook. It was still alive, but it wouldn’t fly. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. The lady wanted to nurse it back to health.”

Karlis waited in silence. He was trying to imagine nursing a bird with a three-metre wingspan.


加油 NaNo 朋友们!


About jackfrey
Jack Frey lives somewhere in Northeast Asia with his wife and two young boys. He finds the letter K to be the most aesthetically pleasing of all the consonants, in both its upper and lowercase forms. Like many of us, he is currently seeking publication of his first novel.

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