Non-Fiction Masterclass with Larry Krotz

It’s an icy morning in Winnipeg, but I console myself by thinking that it’s warm somewhere…

For any interested individuals, I am posting a link to an upcoming non-fiction masterclass with writer and documentary filmmaker, Larry Krotz.  The details are included below, copied and pasted from an email I received from the Manitoba Writers’ Guild:


A Non-Fiction Masterclass with Larry Krotz

In this world where anybody can have a blog, what is required for a writer to have a voice of authority and authenticity, as well as a genuine relationship with an audience?

In our Master Class, a day-long session of seasoned writers gathered together, we will share perspectives on the presumptions we have as writers, along with seriously examining such questions as: how do we defend what we are saying, and what is our sense of the audience with whom we hope to communicate?

We will think about authenticity of voice, about the art of reportage, and the business of being trustworthy about everything – including memory. We will examine research methodology for non-fiction along with the knowledge base we might employ for a fictional narrative.

Participants will be asked to submit in advance an 800-1000 word sample of work (can be a segment of a longer piece) for me to respond to, and that they will likewise share with the rest of the class in group sessions. Our objective will be to look carefully at our work and at one another’s work, doing some de-constructing with the above theme in mind.

Larry Krotz is a writer and documentary film maker who worked out of Winnipeg for many years though he now lives in Toronto.  His six books include one novel, Shutter Speed, and five non-fiction works that cover a wide range of issues of contemporary import.  His most recent book is The Uncertain Business of Doing Good: outsiders in Africa published by the University of Manitoba Press in 2008. A new book, Piecing the Puzzle; the Genesis of AIDS Research in Africa will be published by U of M Press in the spring of 2012. This will be a history of the thirty year involvement of University of Manitoba based AIDS researchers in Kenya and east Africa. The two books together are the product of almost twenty years of reportage from the continent of Africa that appeared in Maclean’s, Walrus, the National Post, United Church Observer, Border Crossings magazines as well as films for Vision TV (Angola 1993) and the National Film Board of Canada (Searching for Hawa’s Secret 1998). He covered a number of ground breaking AIDS research projects –all of them with substantial participation by Manitobans. He also attended and wrote about the United Nations sponsored criminal trials in the wake of the Rwanda genocide.

As well as an active writer and film maker, Krotz has been an instructor in writing programs at Red River College, the University of Winnipeg, and Ryerson University in Toronto.

Date and Location

December 4 | 9:30 am – 4:30 pm | 218-100 Arthur Street (Burns Family Classroom)

Deadline for submissions is November 21st

Cost: $100 for MWG members, $150 for non-members  | This masterclass is limited to 8 participants.

Eligibility: Writers with some publication history are eligible to apply.  Please submit an 800-1000 word sample of work that you would like to work on in the class, and a short CV outlining your writing background to (word attachments or pdfs please).  Cheques should be made out to the Manitoba Writers’ Guild and mailed to 218-100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg MB,  R3B1H3.


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