Grind Away, Little Rumour Mill

Have you ever driven to British Columbia from Manitoba? It’s an endurance battle. I am, by no means, the type of person who thinks that the Prairies are boring. Far from it. But after driving for hours and hours and hours, there is something — the flatness of it all, maybe, or the absence of people — that starts to wear on a person.

Writing a book can be a little bit like that, except that instead of 20-some hours, it can take you months, or even years.

And then… you see your first glimpse of the mountains. You’re not in Banff yet — that won’t happen for a while. But the ground isn’t so flat anymore. You look around, and suddenly realize that you’ve already climbed, without even noticing it. You’re in the foothills.

What am I getting at?

Well, I feel as though I’ve reached the foothills with my novel. I’m not finished-finished (as in, close the file, I’m never touching it again). But I’m sure getting close. And when that happens, it will be time to start a whole new chapter — mountaineering.

I expect that mountaineering is probably a pretty good approximation of the “trying to get published” process. Maybe only for some. But I’m already trying on my crampons (my favourite climbing word, aside from crevice — both so distasteful). I’m donning my oxygen tank for those extended periods above the Clouds of Try-Try-Again, where the air is too thin to support life.

One last tidbit before I extinguish the flame of my Metaphor Machine: I’ve settled on a name for my novel. In actuality, I’m returning to the first idea I had for a name, way back when the writing process began. I’m going to call it Minzanto.

Bye for now.

About jackfrey
Jack Frey lives somewhere in Northeast Asia with his wife and two young boys. He finds the letter K to be the most aesthetically pleasing of all the consonants, in both its upper and lowercase forms. Like many of us, he is currently seeking publication of his first novel.

One Response to Grind Away, Little Rumour Mill

  1. Laura says:

    I remember when this was just an embryo and we were thinking of ways to make a short film with Nate, Dustin, you, and me. I am pretty glad that we didn’t since the book is surely infinitely better than our film would have been. Can’t wait to read it!

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