Rose & Thorn Journal

She’d translated the crassness and the awkwardness and the abuses, and explained to a hundred women that their man had stopped writing.  How it didn’t matter, that the sea was full.

I’ve had a piece taken  up by Rose & Thorn Journal.  There’s plenty of fine writing in their Fall 2010 issue.  The title of the poece they accepted is 金 (pronounced “jin”), and means metal.  The story is Segment Two of a five part series themed loosely around the “five movements” (also called the five elements).  You can find the story here.

Segment One, 水 (“shui”, water), recently appeared in the Last Man Anthology.

Segment Three is titled 木 (“mu”, wood), and takes place in the jungles of northeast Cambodia, during the Khmer Rouge era.

Segment Four, 火 (“huo”, fire), follows a Chinese railroad worker in California.

Segment Five, 土 (“tu”, earth), is still in the “imagining” phase, but will probably be about an unwanted object that just doesn’t seem to stay buried…


About jackfrey
Jack Frey lives somewhere in Northeast Asia with his wife and two young boys. He finds the letter K to be the most aesthetically pleasing of all the consonants, in both its upper and lowercase forms. Like many of us, he is currently seeking publication of his first novel.

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