Short, Fast, and Deadly

my heart leaping from the slackwire with him

Short, Fast, and Deady is a publication that delights in brevity.  The submission guidelines are longer than any piece that the editor will ever accept.  Prose cannot exceed 420 characters (including spaces between letters, numbers, symbols, dashes, etc.)  It’s challenging to write something that short while still saying anything meaningful.  And if the literary value of such a piece suffers somewhat, well, it still makes for an interesting exercise.

Check out my nugget of prose and my poem at:

Short, Fast, and Deadly



About jackfrey
Jack Frey lives somewhere in Northeast Asia with his wife and two young boys. He finds the letter K to be the most aesthetically pleasing of all the consonants, in both its upper and lowercase forms. Like many of us, he is currently seeking publication of his first novel.

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